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Groundbreaker Digging Tool Set

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Fit an entire tool shed into your tool box with this interchangeable tool set. It includes 3 double sided tool heads with 2 hickory handles of different lengths. Each side of the tool can be used for a different purpose, which cuts down on wasted weight and saves space.

The tools include a Mattock/Pick for clearing brush and preparing the soil, a Mattock/Tiller for planting and tilling, and a Mattock/Axe for digging trenches and felling trees. The mattock blades are 2 inches wide, the axe is 2.5 inches across, and the tiller has 3 prongs that spread across 3 inches.

These blades come with two Hickory Wood Handles - in 26 inch and 36 inch lengths. The medium length handle is just right for close-in work, such as pruning bushes or working with raised bed planters. The longer handle is a good length for swinging from the waist. The longer handle reduces joint pain and provides greater leverage for tough roots or compacted soil. Both handles are made in America.

The handles are made with a patented tapered eye design. Putting a handle on or taking it off is easy - the shaft simply slides up the center of the blade until the thickening handle squeezes in tightly. Tap the tool on a hard surface to ensure a snug fit, and again to remove the tool head.

The tool heads are made of ductile iron - a flexible form of cast iron that has been specially treated for added strength and and elasticity. Ductile iron is heavy and tough, but it is also resilient. Ductile iron is often used for water pipes, car frames, and oil well pumps. To protect against rust, do not leaves these tools outside, and you may want to protect them with a coat of natural, environmentally friendly oil.

The American Horticultural Therapy Association raves that VB Groundbreaker tools are... well, groundbreaking. They are lightweight and easy to swap, which are "positives for wheelchair gardeners and others with mobility impairments."

Customers often ask where these tools are produced and how clean the factories are. These gardening tools are made in Taiwan, not China. Taiwan has tough environmental laws, and VB Groundbreakers are produced using cleaner and more sustainable smelting technologies than those found on the Mainland.
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