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Natural Deer Repellent Hose End Sprayer

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Stop deer, rabbits, and other wild animals from raiding your lawn!

This natural repellent doesn't use any chemicals or toxins. Instead, it uses a combination of garlic and egg extracts to make wild animals lose their appetite. These smelly repellents are like a neon sign to deer that says "Run Away," but the scents are barely noticeable to humans. The repelling effect lasts for up to 60 days, and this repellent works on a large variety of herbivores, including squirrels, badgers, rabbits, field mice, and raccoons.

If deer are extremely hungry and they still try to nibble on your ornamental plants, the taste will quickly change their minds without poisoning them. Deer really don't like the flavor of egg putrescents! Since there are no harmful chemicals, this deer repellant can safely be used around small children and pets. Even if your dog eats some grass or licks the repellent, there will be no harmful effects (other than indigestion from eating the grass, that is).

This pest repellent is specially bottled for easy application. The top of the bottle has a nozzle designed to fit a garden hose. Screw the hose into the bottle, turn on the water, and the bottle will mix the repellent at just the right concentration. The hose-end-sprayer does all of the mixing necessary.

This repellent also works on trees, shrubs, riverbanks, vegetable patches, raised bed planters, flower pots, and any place small animals are making a nuisance of themselves.

Coverage: 32 oz. hose-end-sprayer treats 5,000 square feet
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