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Lady Bug Cottonseed Meal 7-2-1 vegan organic fertilizer, 8 lbLady Bug Cottonseed Meal 7-2-1 vegan organic fertilizer, 8 lb

Lady Bug Cottonseed Meal 7-2-1 vegan organic fertilizer, 8 lb

Regular Price: $27.99

A vegan organic fertilizer? What does that even mean?

Garden Pep Cottonseed Meal is so pure it is food grade! Unlike most other fertilizers, this soil additive uses no animal products or by-products. Since cottonseed meal has no animal ingredients, that makes it a vegan friendly fertilizer. Garden Pep Vegan Organic Cotton Seed Meal is the experienced gardeners' choice.

Are you growing azaleas, gardenias, roses, potatoes, onions, or other vegetables that prefer mildly acidic soil? Then this organic fertilizer is the way to go. With a pH of 6.5, Lady Bug Cottonseed Organic Fertilizer can be used to gradually adjust basic soil and create the right soil conditions for plants and flowers that prefer acidity.

Ingredients: Ground cottonseeds. No filler.

Guaranteed Analysis
  • N-P-K ratio: 7-2-1
  • Total Nitrogen (N) 7%
  • Available Phosphate (P205) 2%
  • Soluble Potash (K20) 1%

  • Weight: 8 lbs

  • Cottonseed Meal organic fertilizer is chemical free and contains nutrients that will gradually release into the soil. The low phosphorous content is a good match for soils where chemical fertilizers have been used in the past. Areas that have been treated with chemicals for several years typically have low nitrogen levels and heavy accumulations of Phosphorous and Potash. This organic fertilizer helps restore the proportions to their natural balance.

    Add some pep to your garden with organic fertilizer! This lively mix of nutrients is gentle on the ground, which is good for sensitive animals like earthworms, lady bugs, and butterflies. Nature friendly yards benefit from the activity of wildlife; the soil is naturally aerated by earthworms, bacteria in the soil help make nitrogen accessible to roots, and predatory insects keep pests under control. Organic fertilizer also has less impact on nearby parks, ponds, streams, and other neighboring areas.

    Substituting this natural fertilizer for conventional fertilizer drastically reduces pollution from runoff. By choosing a balanced organic fertilizer, homeowners can improve their land while also protecting the environment around their property.

    Waste not, want not.
    This natural fertilizer is made from the waste products of cotton farming - instead of throwing the nutrients out in the landfill, farmers found a way to turn their scraps into plant food. Garden Pep Cottonseed Meal is an old-fashioned fertilizer, similar to fertilizers that our grandparents used on the garden and farmland. It is a time tested fertilizer.
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    Lady Bug Cottonseed Meal 7-2-1 vegan organic fertilizer, 8 lb