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Horticultural Cornmeal 3 lbs

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  • Horticultural cornmeal is an organic product that helps control root and soil related fungal problems. Great for your lawn and your feet. Yes, that is correct whether you have a fungus problem in your lawn and soil or your feet and toes cornmeal can help.

    The way it works is that it actually feeds plant friendly fungi like Trichoderma, which is a natural enemy of other bad fungi such as Rhizoctonia and Scelrotina.

    It is also an effective organic soil amendment in general that builds the quality of your soil. It is completely non-toxic and can be handled just like any other corn product.

    20 pounds can cover up to 1,000 square feet of grass, soil or flowerbeds. Or apply two pounds to every 100 square feet. Each bottle contains around 3 lbs of cornmeal.

    Set your spreader on 85 percent to 95 percent open.

    Unlike with chemical fertilizers, it is nearly impossible to overuse horticultural cornmeal. It does not burn or damage plants or grass. If you dump out too much in one spot, just spread it around with your hand or water it in.

    Horticultural cornmeal is also an effective way to fight pond algae. Use 1 pound per 200 square feet of water, or 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet of water surface. For larger lakes, use 200 pounds per acre of water surface area. Use with caution on ponds and lakes though. If you apply too much too quickly, it can cause rapid algae killing and deplete the amount of oxygen in the water, potentially harming fish.

    It can be applied every couple of weeks to control algae. Also, to help with toe, nail and other skin fungus's try this. In a flat container large enough for your feet add roughly 1 inch of corn meal. Then add room temperature water and soak for roughly two hours. Repeat as necessary.
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