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Original ComposTumbler 168 gallon Tumbling Composter

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The Original ComposTumbler is easy to use. It has a large capacity, is made from galvanized metal, and can make compost in just 10-14 days!

Composting is simple with this tumbling composter. With a drum capacity of 22 cubic feet (18 bushels, 168 gallons), you'll have no problem loading your carbon and nitrogen rich materials inside. To put it in perspective, that's up to six 30 gallon trash bags of material!

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The Original ComposTumbler works much like any compost tumbler. Simply load your material into the door, then close it off. Use the handle to give the bin a few spins, and give it a few spins per day every two weeks. Continue adding material to the bin, and you will be well on your way to fresh compost in as little as two weeks.

As far as durability is concerned - this composter is super durable. It's made from galvanized metal and is rust resistant. Another nice feature about the CompostTumbler is that it sits 27 inches off the ground, so loading compost is not a back breaking task. There's no worry of bending over to the ground, simply just bring your wheelbarrow over to the tumbler, and load your compost straight in without having to worry about lots of bending over. The composting drum is made from food grade high density polyethylene.

Additional Compost Tumbler Features:

  • Dimensions (in inches): 68"H x 50"W x 40"D
  • Features aerator and drainage units
  • Screened vents keep compost properly aerated
  • Made in the USA
  • Gear driven handle is easy to turn
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable

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