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Compost Tea Brewer KIS1

30.00 LBS
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Product Description

The KIS 5-gallon system was designed for the home gardener or grower. It was developed to provide an organic solution for caring for our plants and soil to eliminate the need for harmful pesticides and minimize the use of fertilizers. It works by inoculating the plants and soil with the necessary microbes and nutrients, often lacking in an urban setting. It provides a safe, natural, and totally organic environment for our plants and soil! A safe place for all - children, adults, animals and the biology active in the soil. What is included? The kit includes a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, a high-velocity aerator, durable plastic tubing with circular coil technology and 3 compost tea food packs in 400 micron mesh bags. What is compost tea? Compost tea is an aerobic water solution that has extracted the microbe population from compost along with the nutrients. In simple terms, it is a concentrated liquid created by a process to increase the numbers of benefitcial organisms as an organic approach to plant/soil care. Why use compost tea? Compost tea has many benefits. It will make our environment healthier and safer and will put the microbe biology back onto the plants and soil. It recreates the natural environment that plants have evolved through millions of years to be healthy. How long does it take to make compost tea? It takes 12 hours at 55 - 80 degrees F or longer if the temperatures are colder. The warmer the temperature (not to exceed 95 degrees), the faster the brew (with a minimum of 12 hours). When do I apply compost tea? The tea must be used within 4 hours after you have turned the motor off and it has finished brewing to achieve maximum benefit. The best time to apply in the day is early morning or early evening. Hot day time temperatures are not as effective and will reduce the good biology. How often should I apply it? For foliar disease prevention, you can spray the plants just before you would usually have the onset of disease occurring. Then you would spray every 10 days to 2 weeks for about a month. You should monitor what you are seeing on your plants to determine if further spray is needed. For soil application we recommend two times a year spring and fall. For promoting growth, you could spray once a month during the growing season. Frequency and scheduling of applications will vary depending on individual environmental conditions. You cannot over apply compost tea. How do I apply the compost tea to plants or soil? You can use a sprinkler can for applying to the soil or a backpack sprayer or a sprayer that has a nozzle that will not clog to do a foliar spray (see below). The backpack sprayers have a different type of nozzle that will not clog when applying compost tea. How do I know if I have applied enough? You can't apply too much, although normally you would try to spray both sides of the leaf with the liquid dripping off the leaf. Total coverage is very important. Whatever drips off the leaves will actually help the soil. How do I apply the compost tea to plants\soil? You can use a sprinkler can for applying to the soil or use a backpack sprayer to do a foliar spray. What equipment do I use to apply the compost tea? You may use a watering can or a backpack sprayer. If you are doing a soil drench, you may simply dump it from the bucket you brewed in.

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