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Compost Maker Mix

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Unfortunately, this product is no longer available. Check out our BioWish Organic Compost Activator instead.

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Start your compost off right with this mix of beneficial organisms! These micro-organisms can increase nutrient cycling in soil and energize compost piles. They help break down decomposing organic matter and release nutrients into the soil over time.

This compost booster stabilizes nutrients and humus, while reducing odors. It can be broadcast dry or sprayed with water onto garbage, leaves, vegetables, or other organic wastes to make valuable compost.

Package Contents:

  • One pound (0.45 Kg) of Compost Maker
  • 56 Billion Micro-organisms (give or take a few million)
  • Shaker top with 2 pouring options (for either light or heavy application).

  • Here's a guide for mixing this microorganism mix with various blends of compost:

    For Compost Piles, Drums, or Bins: Mix in one pound Compost Maker per 500 to 1000 pounds of raw materials (10-20 cubic feet). Make sure there's adequate moisture, aeration, and nitrogen rich material. For smaller compost piles, 2 Tablespoons are suggested per cubic foot.

    For Leaves, Sawdust, Straw: Add 1/4 cup per cubic foot. A nitrogen source such as manure, fish, or bloodmeal will promote growth and reproduction of helpful bacteria .

    For Gardens: Spread in the garden, 1 pound per 250 square feet, with 2 inches of leaves, grass, or other material. Work into soil by turning the dirt and blending the compost starter with living matter.

    For Green Manures: Evenly apply 2 lbs. per acre when turning under cover crops, sod, sheet compost, or stubble.

    In general, with any kind of soil or compost blend, apply 1 teaspoon of Compost Maker per cubic foot of material. Re-apply every 2 weeks, or as needed.

    Spraying Instructions: Be sure sprayers and containers are clean and free of harsh chemical agents. Even tap water can contain chemicals that will kill the active bacteria, but you can evaporate chlorine and other chemicals by letting tap water sit in the sun for 4 hours before adding the Compost Maker.

    Dilute no more than 4 oz. of BioActivator per gallon of cool or lukewarm water and stir well. Pour this slurry through a fine filter into your sprayer. Remove the fine screen and spray within 12 hours or the organisms will become less potent. The mix is compatible with foliar nutrients.

    Other uses Compost Maker contains helpful organisms that can be used in many other ways. If you want to control odor in kennels, litter boxes, or composting toilets, just add a little bit of Compost Maker to the waste. The bacteria are also helpful for treating seeds to improve germination and plant growth.

    Storage and shelf-life Please store the container in a cool dry place - it's the home to billions of beneficial organisms! If you keep the container closed, they'll stay inactive until you need them. For best results, we suggest using the compost booster within 2 years of purchase.

    General information Bonide Compost Maker is a biologically active material that is non-corrosive and non-volatile. It includes seven specially adapted and formulated cultures that feed on moist organic matter. They produce stable humus, which is an excellent plant food and soil conditioner.

    The mix includes Thorvin Kelp - a type of seaweed rich in minerals. The micronutrients provided by the ocean kelp feed the activator, enhancing its action. It also supplements the mineral content of your finished compost. Alfalfa, fish and yeast are also included to stimulate the heating action of Compost Maker (hot compost works faster and more efficiently).

    Composting Tips Surface area is your friend. Small pieces of waste have the most surface area and will break down quickly. Any ground up organic materials, such as leaves, straw, kitchen scraps, grass clippings, or manure will compost.

    Arrange materials in 4 inch layers and sprinkle a light dusting of Compost Maker over each layer. Add water, but make sure that there's good drainage to prevent moisture from drowning the bacteria. The microbes and kelp in Compost Maker will decompose the organic matter into rich, mineral laden compost that brings your soil to life.
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