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Collapsible Clothesline

8.00 LBS
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Product Description

A clothesline is a great way to save power, reduce wear and tear on your clothes, and get some low impact exercise all at the same time. This retractable clothesline can make a big difference on your utility bill. Air drying your clothes is twice as effective in the summertime when electric dryers fight against the air conditioner. An open air clothesline is gentler on your clothes too - there's less friction because the clothes aren't tumbled together. Hanging clothes to dry on the line offers a great excuse to enjoy the outdoors and talk with your neighbors. This collapsible drying line can totally replace your dryer, or you can use it as a supplement by airing out just the large, bulky items that would take a lot of time in the dryer. How many times have you had to restart an entire dryer load because a damp pair of jeans or a towel kept everything else wet? Put bulky items on the clothes line, and all of your other laundry will dry faster. A clothesline can make a huge difference in your carbon footprint. The average electric dryer uses about 370 kWh per year. So, switching from a clothes dryer to a clothes line saves about $40 a year and prevents the release of 350 lbs of CO2. Some older clothes dryers are much less efficient - they use 900 kWh annually and are responsible for more than 850 lbs of carbon dioxide gas. Technical Details:
  • Width: 4 feet
  • Drying Space: 28 feet (6 lines + the frame)
  • Vinyl coated polyester lines
  • 2 sets of brackets
  • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors
  • Will not rust
  • This collapsible line doesn't take up much space at all. When collapsed, the clothesline is about 1 inch thick. It fits snugly in an efficiency apartment, small condo, or starter home. The frame is easy to install in the garage, above the fireplace, over cupboards, or anywhere else with a 4 foot expanse. It also works well in RVs and campers. If you're looking for a space saving way to wash and dry clothes, you may also want to check out our hand operated washing machine. Some neighborhood associations have rules against clotheslines, but these rules are changing as more people realize the benefits of air drying. Be sure to check the local rules before hanging up your collapsible clothes line. The clean lines of this clothes dryer and it's small form factor mean that it's very unobtrusive and unlikely to upset neighbors. Getting rid of the clothes dryer also gets rid of maintenance bills and replacement costs. Put some green in your pocket for being green! Please note:
    Hardware is included to securely attach this clothes line. If the line is exposed to high winds or vibrations, you should check the fastenings and tighten them. Do not mount it on a surface that can't hold the weight of wet clothes, and make sure to bring your clothes in if rain or high winds approach.

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