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Green Johanna Hot ComposterGreen Johanna Hot Composter

Green Johanna Hot Composter

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Compost year-round with this insulated, rodent proof outdoor compost bin.

The Green Johanna Hot Composter is completely self contained and maintains the optimal temperature for accelerated decomposition. It protects your compost from the elements for quick results in the summer and winter alike. Cold weather slows down or stops other composters, but the Johanna All-Weather Composter keeps on going.

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The sides are reinforced to keep rodents, bugs, and other pests out. That means you can put in all types of food waste, including bones, fish scraps, meat trimmings, and foods cooked in butter or oil. These food scraps cannot be composted in other compost bins, but the Johanna composter handles them without any problems. It also works well with other traditional compost materials, such as vegetable peels, tea bags, coffee filters, apple cores, and other organic kitchen scraps.

Technical Details
  • Capacity: 74 Gallons
  • Base diameter: 36 inches
  • Lid diameter: 21 inches
  • Height: 38 inches
  • Weight: ~22 lbs
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years

  • If you live north of the 40th latitude, you may want to add a winter jacket to your Johanna composter during the coldest months of the year. The insulating winter jacket keeps heat generated by the compost microorganisms inside the composter and allows it to keep working even when the ground is covered in snow. The jacket should be fitted when the average temperature stays below 40° Fahrenheit for more than a day or two and removed when the temperature is consistently above 50° Fahrenheit. You can add a winter jacket to your order with the option menu at the top of the page.
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