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Backyard Chicken Coops

Backyard chickens are the perfect addition to the organic garden. Chicken poop is rich in nitrogen and makes a great, free, organic fertilizer. And, for those interested in local foods, a small backyard flock can stock a few kitchens with eggs. On average, chickens will lay an egg a day.

Urban chicken farmers are becoming very popular. City ordinances are even becoming more and more lenient on allowing poultry to be raised within city limits. Check with your city first, but a few hens are not an issue in a backyard most places.

Consider when purchasing your chicken coop what you'll need. There are many designs when it comes to chicken coops including portable chicken coops, small chicken coops, and even chicken houses with runs. Check out below our selection of chicken coops.

All chicken coops include free shipping in the lower 48 states!