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Ceramic V Shaped Urn Fountain

Regular Price: $399.99

The Ceramic Urn Shaped Fountain flares out in a V shape, with a slender base and a wide face at the top. This colorful ceramic fountain has tan and green colors that blend artfully together. Each fountain is unique and the pattern will vary slightly.

The 26 inch tall garden fountain is 23 inches in diameter. It has a hollow center that is designed to channel water, but it can be used with or without the pump and base accessories. The ceramic is durable and weatherproof.

A fountain is a sensory event. Running water is beautiful to see, hear, smell, and feel. This fountain can bring your garden to life and will add a unique touch to any setting.

Fountains offer more than just aesthetic benefits. They also help cool the area and attract animal life. Fountains add oxygen to water and and inhibit the growth of algae. In the process, they evaporate moisture and can attract water sensitive creatures such as butterflies, hummingbirds, and dragonflies.

You can purchase this ceramic pedestal by itself, or with a pump and other apparatus necessary for turning it into a fountain. The optional pump is a very powerful one - it moves up to 3000 gallons an hour. The water doesn't jet out of the top of the fountain though. It trickles out like a natural spring.

The fountain kit also includes a ceramic bubbler that controls the flow of water and a large AquaBasin that catches water for recirculation. These pieces install unobtrusively inside and underneath the Ceramic V Shaped Urn Fountain, and can be turned off to conserve electricity or to reduce evaporation when water is scarce.

Ceramic V Shaped Urn Fountain Details:

  • Height: 26 inches
  • Optional base and pump available
  • Sturdy construction, built to last
  • Made from ceramic

  • We have many different styles of fountains available. Check out our entire selection of Garden Fountains.
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