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Care for Azaleas

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Azaleas need very acidic soil. That is the secret to growing these plants, which will remain healthy with a little attention. Don't miss out on your azalea blossoms simply because you don't know the simple tasks required to keep these plants hale and hearty. So where can you get this acidic soil? Start with decayed pine needles or the decayed sawdust from oak, cypress or hemlock. If you mix coarse sand and leaf mold, then you will have a loose, crumbly soil that holds moisture but that also allows for good drainage. You can then control your soil's acidity with proper mulching. Azaleas need filtered sunlight, but if they are planted in very shady areas, the plants will not overwinter well. Be sure to select a spot that offers your plants some sunlight and that protects them from severe winds. For more tips on deadheading or complimentary color-suiting, refer to our guide to growing azaleas.
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