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Buyer's Guide to Leaf Collecting Tools

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Cleaning up the leaves in your yard can sometimes seem like a rather daunting task. Not to fear! Here, we’ve collected a series of great products that will make leaf collecting faster, easier and more enjoyable for you and your family. We’ve also included some fantastic composting bins in our list with the hope that you will recycle your leaves and garden waste to make organic compost that you can use in your garden. Leaves are a great source of organic compost, so try and compost them rather than sending them to the municipal dump. At the very least, give them to the city for municipal composting and don't just throw them away. Rollable Giant Leaf Collection Bag The Rollable Giant Leaf Collection Bag will allow you to easily collect lots of leaves for quick disposal. This rollable container is easy to maneuver when you’re cleaning up your yard. It holds up to 9 cubic feet of leaves and garden debris, and has a pull handle and heavy-duty poly wheels to make it easy to move around. Another advantage of this leaf collection bag is that you can easily insert a regular garden and leaf bag inside. Simply use the metal supports to hold the bag open while you rake in the leaves. When you’re finished collecting leaves for the day, this great gardening gadget folds up and takes up very little space. It’s suitable for hanging on a wall in your garden shed or garage. Leaf Scooper If you’re looking for a leaf collection tool that is lightweight and easy to use, this is the tool for you! Like the rollable leaf collection bag, the leaf scoop allows you to pick up leaves without having to stoop over and pick them up by hand. Just rake the leaves into the scoop and toss them into a container. This handy tool helps you to pick up leaves and garden debris without ever touching them. You can also use the leaf scoop for cleaning up sawdust in your workshop, construction waste at a work site, etc. It is perfect when used along with our Collapsible Garden Debris Container. Handheld Leaf Scoops If you’ve tried rakes or other tools to pick up leaves and toss them in a bag, you’ve probably experienced some frustration. The rake really isn’t the best tool for the job in our opinion. For easy leaf collection, use these great handheld leaf scoopers, which turn your hands into giant leaf grabbers! This handy tool measures 14 inches across and fits neatly onto your hands. The scoopers have small prongs on the end that effectively grab the leaves and keep them from falling as you pick them up. This is an excellent and inexpensive tool for all your yard clean up needs! Leaf and Grass Caddy Like the leaf scooper, the leaf and grass caddy works like a giant dustpan, helping you pick up leaves, grass, and other garden debris with ease. It is made from durable waterproof polypropylene. It includes steel locking handles and a molded rubber edge for easy sweeping. It has a little larger capacity than the leaf scooper, making it a great tool for bigger jobs. With just one scoop you can pick up about 20 gallons of garden waste! You can use it just about anywhere, including your garage, yard, or even a construction site. Be creative and you’ll find a dozen different uses for the leaf and grass caddy. Collapsible Garden Debris Container The collapsible garden debris container will make the job of cleaning up leaves and garden waste a lot easier and care free. You can use it by itself, on put a garbage bag inside so that you can easily clean up your yard and garden. It keeps the garbage bag open so you don't have to! This garden debris container is light weight, easy to store, and very durable. It’s made from PVC with a steel coil inside to hold the bag up while in use. This garden tool is a perfect companion for our leaf scoop or handheld leaf scoopers. Simply collect the leaves and place them in the container for a carefree method of leaf collection! The debris collection bag is also a great thing to take along on your next picnic or family trip. It’s made from durable synthetic PVC fabric and has a tough steel coil. The bag collapses and is secured by 2 straps. It’s very easy to store as it measures just 3 inches tall and 22 inches in diameter when folded down. Bag Master leaf bag holder If your community requires the use of biodegradable paper bags for collecting yard waste, you know that using them can be a frustrating experience. Let the BagMaster leaf bag holder help out! With this simple and easy to use bag holder, you can save yourself time, money and headaches. You can make full use of your paper yard refuse bags by filling them completely and efficiently with the BagMaster. Hold the bags open with one hand while you sweep in leaves. You wont have to pick up leaves over and over again as they spill over the sides. Ultimate Gutter Cleaning Tool When you’re cleaning your yard of leaves, don’t forget to look up! That’s right, cleaning your gutters of leaves is an important part of fall yard cleanup that people often put off or ignore because it’s one of the least pleasant gardening chores out there. If you hate cleaning the gutters of your house, don’t worry! This patented ultimate gutter cleaning tool will make the job easy, quick, and clean! No more climbing up on a roof or ladder to reach the gutters, either. You can use this tool from the safety of your lawn at ground level. The pole stretches to about 12 feet, so it’s suitable for tall and shorter people alike. It’s made from lightweight aluminum and has generous pliable rubber hand grips and ABS jaws hinged with a steel pin. The patented Gutter Tongs® are 60 inches in length and are made for years of use. When you use this tool, open the arms and open the gutter tongs. Then, put the arms together and lift up the debris quickly and easily from the gutters. It’s as simple as that! Just be warned, once you have this tool in your collection, you won’t be able to make any more excuses for not cleaning the gutters! Aluminum Folding Garden Cart A great tool for fall garden and yard cleanup is this aluminum folding garden cart. It’s made from marine grade aluminum so you can get it wet without worrying about rust or corrosion. It also has a front panel that you can remove to help you scoop up leaves and garden debris. When you’re ready to haul your leaves to the compost pile, just put the panel back and you’re ready to go! When you want to dump the leaves, remove the panel and lift up the cart with the spring-action retractable handles. This cart folds down to a compact size when you’re ready to store it. It has a 300 pound cargo capacity. The tough 20" pneumatic tires give you extra stability and maneuverability when moving the cart from place to place. Toro Electric Leaf Blower Looking for a high powered leaf blower that won’t belch out exhaust and fumes as you clean up your yard? Try out the versatile Toro electric leaf blower. With 140 mph of air power, you’ll easily be able clean up your yard in a short period of time. And with an electric mower, you won’t need to use gasoline or spark plugs to keep your blower running. Just recharge it and you’re ready to go! This ultra-lightweight blower weighs in at just 5 pounds and has a unique cord-lock system for easy charging and storage. Lifetime Enclosable Wire Compost Bin Wire compost bins are practical and easy to use. They are also easy to water and are naturally aerated. Unfortunately, many compost bins of this type begin to wear out and break down after a few years of use, but not this compost bin! After looking for a durable wire composter, we’ve managed to find this excellent Lifetime Enclosable Wire Compost Bin. It’s made from the same tough PVC coated 12 gauge steel as lobster traps, so you know it’s built to last! The manufacturer actually offers a limited 22 year warranty for all its wire compost bins! Not only is this compost bin durable, it’s also made to hold up to 30 cubic feet (225 gallons) of material. If you want to compost leaves, this is the compost bin for you! If you like, you can order this bin with a hinged lid which will keep squirrels and other pests from messing with your compost. Hoop Compost Bin If you’re looking for a budget composting bin that has a great design, you should definitely check out the Hoop Compost Bin. This improved design is easy to setup and it stores in a small area when not in use. This bin won’t warp or sag with the weight of your compost, or as you add more on top. A round design means all the compost in the bin heats up and decomposes equally as there are no corners. It also means it’s easier to turn and mix your compost. Another advantage of this compost bin is that you can form multiple piles once the compost settles. When the compost is more compacted, just remove the bin and start another compost pile next to it! Compost Turning Garden Tool If you want to compost your leaves, it’s a good idea to invest in a compost turning garden tool to help keep your compost well mixed and aerated. This tool has unique “wings” that fold back when you insert it into the compost pile. When you pull the tool out, the wings extend to grab the compost and pull it up. This means that you can easily reach the compost at the bottom of the pile and pull it to the top. The compost turner is an idea tool for quick and effective composting! Ultra Durable Bionic Gardening Gloves Last but not least, you need some high quality gardening gloves for fall garden cleanup. Cleaning up leaves means you’ll be using your hands a lot and getting dirty. Protect your hands with the best gardening gloves available, Bionic Gardening Gloves! These gardening gloves have won an Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. They are form fitting and will make gardening chores a pleasure. With such a tight, comfortable fit, you’ll be able to perform a variety of gardening chores without feeling like your gloves are getting in the way. Plus, these gloves are specifically designed to improve grip strength and decrease calluses and muscle fatigue. They are easy to clean and they breathe to keep your hands comfortable while you work, too! We hope that this list of great tools for fall garden cleanup has helped make leaf collection and garden maintenance more enjoyable and less of a chore. Happy gardening!

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