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Brill reel mower package

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  • The Luxus 38 is a discontinued product that is no longer available. Please see the upgraded model: the brand new Brill Razorcut 38 reel mower package.

    Who would have guessed that a manual lawnmower could be so easy to use?

    The Brill Luxus 38 is the first reel mower we started with at Clean Air Gardening.

    This precision designed machine is, in our opinion, the Mercedes of reel lawnmowers.

    The Brill reel mower package includes a mower and a woven nylon grasscatcher with metal frame that attaches to the back of the mower.

    Please note: You can use the mower with or without the catcher, and the catcher is also useful to rake leaves and yard clippings into.

    Stop struggling with a hard-to-start, noisy, polluting gasoline powered mower. With a manual reel lawnmower, you just push and it mows! It's so quiet that you can carry your cordless phone while you're mowing and actually hear it ring. No engine trouble, no running out of gas, no disturbing your neighbors with noise.


  • 5 Blades -- The optimal number of blades for superior cutting and ease of pushing.
  • Weighs only 17 pounds -- light enough to hang on the garage wall or pick up with one hand
  • 8 inch diameter wheels
  • Silent cut design -- The blade misses the bedknife by less than a millimeter. This reduces friction and allows the mower to cut the grass like scissors. It also increases the blade life, which means you won't have to sharpen for a decade or more.
  • Flame hardened, welded steel blades -- harder than tempered alloy, which also helps increase blade life.
  • Dry powder coat on metal components -- Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes. And colors stay bright and vibrant longer. Powder coating is also highly protective of the environment, because it contains no solvents.
  • Sealed bearings. No extra maintenance required, because the bearings are sealed.
  • Brill mowers feature a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Cutting height ranges from 15mm to 45mm (0.7 inches to 1.8 inches), which lets you cut low enough for the golf course look, and high enough for an average length cut for a wide variety of grass types.

  • If you're looking for a super tall cut, check out the Scotts Classic reel mower, with a 3 inch maximum.

    Mowing width is 38 cm (15.2 inches). Small enough to maneuver easily through the yard, but still about 75 percent as wide as the average 20 inch wide gas mower.

    Mower comes fully assembled except for the handle. The handle comes in three pieces and requires no tools to put together and attach to the mower. Takes about 10 minutes to get out of the box and into the yard.

    Detailed information on the ball bearing system:
    The Brill reel mowers have a sealed bearing with a separate bearing race. This is the way such bearings were produced until recent manufacturing technology allowed for the entire structure (bearing and race) to be produced as a sealed unit. The Sunlawn mowers feature the newer style of sealed bearing.

    Things to keep in mind with any manual reel mower

    1. Reel mowers don't cut tall weeds well (but they do great on grass!). Because of the design, the reel will roll over tall weeds and dandelions without cutting much. So they aren't a good choice to mow a vacant lot, but they'll do superbly with a grass lawn.
    2. If you don't mow weekly, it's going to be much harder to push. You know how a gas mower will bog down when you try to mow grass that hasn't been cut in weeks? Well, it's like that with a reel mower, except you're the motor.

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    Other items that go well with reel mowers:
    Toro cordless string trimmer for edges and tall weeds.

    What our customers are saying:
    "I got my new Brill 38 mower and in 5 minutes was out quietly mowing my lawn in the cool of the morning. My neighbor saw that my lawn was cut and said he didn't hear my lawn mower. Then I showed him why."

    A light weight 17 pound German made reel mower. Silent cut design means it is easy to push and goes up to a decade between sharpenings.

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