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Brill Razorcut Accu 38 Cordless Electric Reel Mower

Price: $399.99
Regular Price: $449.99
Free Grass Catcher:

Sorry this mower is no longer available. Browse our entire selection of electric mowers.

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Free grass catcher with purchase of a Brill Razorcut Accu 38, while supplies last.

Yes, thatís right get a free grass catcher, a $50 value, when you purchase this Electric Brill reel mower.

Scroll down to watch the assembly video for the Brill Razorcut Accu 38 Electric Reel mower!

The Brill Razorcut Accu 38 is the newest edition to the Razorcut line of reel mowers. Boasting a 24 Volt cordless electric motor, this reel mower can cut up to 2,500 sq. ft. of grass fully charged.

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Using an electric reel mower allows you to use a reel mower to maintain your lawn with an extra boost of power. No gasoline is required for this mower, which makes for a much quieter mowing experience without the pollution caused by gas mowers.

The 24V battery has a 30-40 minute run time.

The Silent Cut Design reduces wear and tear on the blades. In this system, the reel blade and the bedknife don't come in contact - instead they remain separated by less than a millimeter and shear the grass like scissors. This clean cut also helps the grass recover, because it doesn't mangle the stem or leave a jagged edge.

Cutting height ranges from 15mm to 45mm (0.7 inches to 1.8 inches). This lets you cut low enough for the golf course look, and high enough for an average length cut for a wide variety of grass types. (Looking for a super tall cut? Take a look at the Scotts Classic reel mower, with a 3 inch maximum.)

Mowing width is 38 cm (15.2 inches). Small enough to maneuver easily through the yard, but still about 75 percent as wide as the average 20 inch wide gas mower.

Similar to the Razorcut 38 push reel model, this reel mower comes with some impressive features and benefits:
  • The Razorcut Accu 38 weighs just 29 pounds, which is lighter than some unpowered reel mowers. It is not a self propelled mower because it it so lightweight.
  • 5 Blades -- The optimal number of blades for superior cutting and ease of pushing.
  • 8 inch diameter wheels
  • Flame hardened, welded steel blades -- harder than tempered alloy, which also helps increase blade life.
  • Dry powder coat on metal components -- Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes.
  • Colors stay bright and vibrant longer. Powder coating is also highly protective of the environment, because it contains no solvents.
  • Sealed bearings. No extra maintenance required, because the bearings are sealed.
  • Brill mowers feature a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

    Please note: Like all push reel mowers, the Accu 38 motorized reel mower is best suited for lawns that are small and already very well maintained. It is a maintenance mower, not a mower for clearing wild brush. The Accu38 will have trouble with thick weeds and certain types of grass (Bermuda, Kudzu, and St. Augustine). It should not be used in rocky areas, or run over sticks and debris.

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    Product Reviews

    Average rating is 5
    This mower is fantastic. Quite and smooth. There is no better way to go green when you need to mow.
    By:  Mike
    Blacklick, OH0.3
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    Brill Razorcut Accu 38 Cordless Electric Reel Mower

    Product Reviews

    Average rating is 5
    This mower is fantastic. Quite and smooth. There is no better way to go green when you need to mow.
    By:  Mike
    Blacklick, OH0.3