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Bokashi Cycle Indoor Compost BinBokashi Cycle Indoor Compost Bin

Bokashi Cycle Indoor Compost Bin

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Make Bokashi with ease! The Bokashi Cycle Indoor Compost Bin is a perfect way to get some of your anerobic composting done!

The bokashi cycle indoor compost bin includes the following:

  • Complete cyclette system (2 stackable fermenters) for bokashi fermentation
  • Caddy dispenser (container to hold bokashi culture mix)
  • Spoon (for use with the dispenser)
  • Complete instruction set on how to use the system (including photographs)
  • 12 packets of bokashi culture mix in zip lock bags (1 year supply)

    In addition, each cyclette system is equipped with anaerobic screw caps, a pressure plate, cribiform plate, and spigot assembled and ready to use immediately with no assembly required.

    Using the system itself is easy. Lay down some bokashi and start placing food scraps in the container. Be sure to coat every later with bokashi culture mix (from the zip lock bags). Be sure to close the lid each time you add to the composter (this ensures your anaerobic environment).

    After a few weeks time, when your composting is nearing completion, there may be very little change on the upper surface. This is because a lot of the process is taking place below the surface. Continue to drain the liquid from the compost, and when all is said and done, mix the compost with your soil outside. Just be sure to give it about two weeks before planting your favorite fruits, vegetables, shrubs and such.

    So just what is anaerobic composting, exactly?

    Anaerobic composting occurs in a sealed container, to where there is no Oxygen available to break down the waste. In essence, it is able to ferment and break down food waste. Thus, it also accelerates the composting time - just make sure you have it properly sealed to ensure the correct anaerobic environment.
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