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Mowing Blade SharpenerMowing Blade Sharpener

Mowing Blade Sharpener

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Sharp blades reduce the amount of work it takes to mow your grass and they also improve the health of your yard by delivering cleaner cuts. Save some elbow grease by keeping your mower sharp and clean cutting!

This blade sharpening tool works on gas mowers, electric lawn mowers, and cutting tools (such as shears or hoes). It uses carbide steel inserts that will last for several hundred sharpenings. You can also use it to sharpen knives or other metal edged objects.

This model includes a safety guard to protect your fingers. Even if the blade slips, the guard will come in contact with the sharp edge instead of your knuckles. Still, if you're using it to sharpen your lawnmower blades, remember to consider proper safety procedure. We recommend completely disabling the machine and then removing the blade before sharpening it separately from the mower. To say that another way, you should detach the blade before sharpening it unless you like the nickname "stumpy".

To disable the mower:

These steps vary from mower to mower, so please ignore any procedures that don't apply to your machine.

1) Engage the arresting gear

2) Place a wedge to prevent the blade from turning, rotating, or shifting.

3) Disconnect the battery

4) Remove the key.

5) When there's no chance for the blade to turn, you can stick your hand into the working and detach the mowing components for sharpening.

How often should I sharpen my blades? Once a year is usually often enough. When you sharpen blades, it's also a good time to lubricate any ball bearings and tighten screws, nuts, and bolts that may have worked loose. After sharpening, putting a light coat of oil on the blade can prevent rust and other corrosion from setting in.

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