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Biodegradable Bags for Dog Poop

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Product Description

Unfortunately, this item is no longer available. Instead, take a look at our Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags from BioBag. Browse all of our pooper scoopers. Clean up pet poo without the mess or fuss. These environmentally friendly bags are made from natural plastics and will break down over time. They are a completely biodegradable solution to cleaning up pet messes. Stepping in pet poop can ruin a perfectly good walk. Considerate pet owners never leave dog droppings out on the yard, because they're unsanitary and unpleasant for other people. Unattended pet poop often gets carried into the house on the bottoms of shoes, and a few messy footprints can make a whole building stink. There are other reasons to clean up dog droppings. For instance, untreated puppy poop can hurt the environment. Dog waste contains several unpleasant bacteria that smell terrible and can contaminate local rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. Non-point sources of pollution like this are one of the hardest sources of urban pollution to protect waterways against. Pet poop can also stain the sidewalk, kill landscaping plants, and even make other pets sick. If droppings are left on the grass, it can take several weeks for the waste to decompose. Rather than wait that long, why not scoop up the poop and flush it down the toilet? Cleaning up after a dog is simple with these Flushable Dog Poop Bags. The biodegradable bags contain all of the mess and allow you to flush pet waste down the toilet so the pet poo goes away. After all, the sewer is designed to quickly and effectively deal with waste. These biodegradable bags are the cleanest way to get rid of a stinky problem! If your dog poops in public, you better have your butt covered. Many cities have laws requiring that you scoop up after your pets. In New York City, for instance, the fine for noncompliance is over $200. If someone slips on dog poop and hurts themselves (or gets sick because of it), then the owner of the dog can be liable for injuries. What about using a trash can? Rather than leave dog poop on the lawn, some pet owners scoop up the droppings and put them in a trash can. That's better than letting the pet waste dissolve into the grass, but it still can affect the water supply as sewage leeches out of your local landfill. Also, there aren't always convenient trash cans outside. Do you really want to put dog poo in your indoor trash can and smell the mess for the next couple days? Flush the poop, and the smell goes away. Flush puppy bags are 100% water soluble PVA film, so they wont clog up the pipes or jam up machinery at the sewage processing plant. Each order includes 4 packs of 15 bags each. Please note: These bags are not intended for use with kitty litter. Cat litter comes in several different varieties, and many of the materials used are not compatible with toilets. If you wrap kitty litter in one of these bags and flush it down the toilet, it will likely clog the drain or damage the pipes. For combined shipping, add several orders of Flush Puppies to your cart today! If you prefer bags on a roll, check out our Roll of 200 Dog Poop Bags.

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