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Bicycle Golf Caddy

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Leave the car at home and ride a bike to the golf course with the Bicycle Golf Caddy. This lightweight travel hitch assembles and disassembles quickly. It is very stable when riding and converts to a hand-pulled caddy in seconds.

Golf bags are awkward to carry - whether they're over your shoulder or in the trunk of a car. Since golfbags are so heavy and bulky, even golfers who live within walking distance of their favorite course often rely on a car just to transport their gear. With this bicycle trailer, you can now hitch the golf cart to a bike and ride to the golf course instead. Without the car, you'll save gas, avoid parking or valet fees, and burn some extra calories!

You can also ride your bike on the cart path. Riding a bike is the middle road between sweating on the footpath and riding in a golf cart. The Golf Tow Caddy offers more exercise than a cart while also letting you move fast enough to feel a breeze.

Carrying a golf bag can cause muscle fatigue and cost you strokes. Take a load off, and you'll play at the top of your game. The Golf Caddy Trailer reduces wear and tear on your arms, allowing you to focus attention where it belongs.

Go green with a golf caddy hitch
Pedal power is an emissions free way to enjoy the game. Leave the car in the garage and leave the golf cart in the barn! This golf caddy for bicycles is the environmentally friendly alternative - it produces even less pollution than an electric golf cart, because more than 80% of electricity is produced by burning coal.

The trailer golf caddy allows you to start later and play longer, since you don't have to rush to return a golf cart. Take advantage of late tee times, and escape the morning rush.

As featured on NBC:

The golf caddy trailer beats walking the course on a hot day. Instead of trudging along the cart path, why not bring your bicycle and finish the course half an hour faster, with a better score, and a lighter carbon footprint too?
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