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Beetle Trap Bags and Lure Kit

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If your garden is overrun with adult beetles, there's a way to get rid of them without poisoning your plants. The Bonide Beetle Bagger securely traps Japanese Beetles in containers that you can remove without ever touching the insects.

Depending on how you feel about the beetles, you can then be as humane in disposing of them as you like. If you leave them in the bags, they'll starve to death within several weeks. Or, you can release the bugs somewhere else (perhaps the garden of that guy who cuts you off on the way to work each day?). If the beetles have really chewed up your garden, you can even stomp on the bag and get some stress relief.

The curved shape of the disposable bags catches beetles after they go in to investigate the lure. This shape thwarts thousands of hungry insects from escaping back into your garden. The lure works in two different ways - it releases pheromones that attract sexually active bugs, and the floral scent triggers the taste buds of hungry beetles. Either way, they're in for a world of disappointment inside the trap.

Mounting directions: Attach the disposable bag to the hooks on the sides of the lure holder. Insert the "Dual-Lure" inside vane slots with dispensers facing the lure holder. Re-attach the 18" twist tie hanger to the eyelet at the top of the trap.

Windy conditions can blow away the bags unless you secure them to the ground. Try placing a few small stones in the bottom of the bag.

Product details
  • This package contains 2 disposable Collection Bags, a dual floral/pheromone lure, and 1 bag holder.
  • Non-kill option
  • Uses no pesticides
  • Perforations in the bag allow rainwater to drain away without letting insects out

  • You can also prevent Beetle grubs from growing into adult beetles with Milky Spore. This organic treatment releases organisms that attack beetle grubs and kill them before they eat leaves, roots, and stems in your yard.
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