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Garden Compost Bin

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This durable garden compost bin is an excellent composter to have in the garden. It can hold 15 cubic feet of material (112.5 gallons), and is truly a one of a kind insulated composter that allows you to make compost year round.

This compost bin features a double wall insulated with polytyrine, which protects against cold weather and allows you to compost in months other than the spring and summer. This is because the extra insulation helps to conserve heat, which in turn leads to rapid breakdown of the organic material.

As far as aeration is concerned, this compost bin features a patented system known as the "aeration lung," which helps promote an aerobic breakdown of organic material. As a result of this technology, there's no turning of the organic material needed. Simply place your material into the bin, and as the process works, it will also help reduce greenhouse emissions.

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As your material continues to break down, there is a base at the bottom that will collect compost tea (technically, it's actually compost leachate) for you to use as additional fertilizer for your lawn or garden. There is an outlet at the bottom which will let you easily remove the compost tea from the bin.

Another wonderful and exciting feature of this composter is that an expansion kit is also available, which will allow you to expand your composter to a size 1/3 bigger than the original!

Additional Garden Compost Bin Features:

  • Holds up to 15 cubic feet (112.5 gallons)
  • Two doors are used to remove compost
  • Dimensions (in inches): 29"L x 29"W x 74"H
  • Durable construction, will not blow over or fall apart
  • Patented "aeration lung" eliminates need for turning compost
  • Insulated by 1.5 inch thick walls and lid
  • Collects compost tea (compost leachate)
  • Easy to use
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