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Aphid Predatory Green Lacewings (Chrysoperla rufulabris)

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Product Description

These are live insects, and in order to increase survival rate during transit, they are required to be shipped Overnight.  The price of overnight shipping is included.  Please allow 5 to 8 business days before they actually ship because they may not ship on the order date due to availability and harvesting Chrysoperla rufilabris — also known as green lacewings — are aggressive aphid predators that have an appetite for other soft-bodied pests. These nocturnal predators come as 500 eggs that are useful when you’re in no great hurry to get rid of the pests. The larvae are the only predatory form of this insect. Green Lacewings can tackle a great number of aphid species. Moreover these predators may eat outside of their aphid-preference diet to enjoy other soft-bodied pests. The eggs are normally shipped loose in an inert medium of rice-hulls as a distribution carrier to facilitate the proper placement of the eggs. The larvae are very cannibalistic and must be separated in transit. This is accomplished by means of a frame or hexcell unit (though bulk-bottle forms are available which need immediate attention). The hexcell unit is comprised of little compartments which can be opened a-row-at-a-time for predator release. Green Lacewing Information:

  • Popular Prey: great number of aphid species as well as other soft-bodied pests (cale insect immature stages, including long-tailed and other mealybug species, whiteflies, and others, especially certain insect eggs)
  • Life-span: roughly 30 days in their immature stages, then less than 2 months as adults
  • Optimal Living Conditions: between 67-89°F with a relative humidity of 30% or greater
  • Re-production: females lay up to 200 eggs amongst aphids that will start to eat the aphids right away (and eachother!)
  • Usages: greenhouses, fields, interiorscapes (though not where the public will be after hours), orchards and gardens
  • Keep ants away from the area where you place these eggs, because ants will eat lacewing eggs Please note - there may be several days delay before these insects are shipped because it can take a few days to wrangle up the healthiest possible specimens. When they are shipped, they will be shipped overnight to minimize deaths in transit. The shipping label will show that they were sent as quickly as possible.

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