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Aphid Parasitic Mini-Wasps (Aphidius colemani)

5.00 LBS
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Product Description

These are live insects, and in order to increase survival rate during transit, they are required to be shipped Overnight, which is included in the price.   Please allow 5 to 8 business days before they actually ship because they may not ship on the order date due to availability and harvesting Aphidius colemani are aphid parasitoids and very useful and effective for the prevention and low-infestation management of various aphid species. These 2-3 mm. mini-wasps are best used for preventing the establishment of more than 40 species of aphids. They can also tackle light to medium infestations. And, if established, they can adequately protect a crop throughout the season, with some possible exceptions in late summer (see Drawbacks). Aphidius colemani, which are normally shipped as 500 ready-to-emerge mummies, seem to be the product of choice when melon or cotton aphids (Aphis gossypii) are present as these are typically the aphid species on which they are reared. Aphid Parasitic Mini-wasp Information:

  • Popular Prey: Aphids
  • Life-span: roughly 2 weeks in their immature stages, then 2 weeks as adults
  • Reproduction: lay between 200 and 300 eggs in eggs of aphids and the larvae kills the aphids from within
  • Optimal Living Conditions: between 64-75°F with a relative humidity of around 80%, but not mandatory for success
  • Usages: Greenhouses, fields, interiorscapes, orchards and gardens, very versatile
  • Benefits: these wasps work in fairly cool areas with low levels of light and tend to return the following years Please note - there may be several days delay before these insects are shipped because it can take a few days to wrangle up the healthiest possible specimens. When they are shipped, they will be shipped overnight to minimize deaths in transit. The shipping label will show that they were sent as quickly as possible.

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