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Aphid Control Passaloecus Nest

0.40 LBS

Product Description

This item is no longer available. Purchasing the Aphid Control Passaloecus Nest will help you control the number of pesky aphids in your garden or landscape. This handy gardening tool works by providing a proper home for aphid-eating species of the insect family, Passaloecus. The insect genus Passaloecus will help decrease harm to your beloved crops caused by predatory aphids. The small Passaloecus Wasps live in almost all of the lower 48 states and Alaska. They are black with clear wings, which help them hover around flowers, shrubs, and fruit providing plants. The Aphid Control Passaloecus Nest is a perfect resting place for the Passaloecus wasp. It has 64 predrilled holes which are exactly like the holes that wood-boring beetles create. Why is this helpful to you? Well, the holes that wood-boring beetles make are where the aphid-eating Passaloecus Wasps nest and feed their young. They feed their young with aphids, which should make every gardener cheer! The female Passaloecus Wasp will lay her eggs inside these holes located in the block. Then she will spread a coat of sticky resin that she gets from nearby trees around the nesting holes. This resin will paralyze the aphids as they search for food. She usually provides around 25 aphids per each egg. When her holes are filled with eggs and aphids, she will then close off the holes off with another layer resin. Considering the Aphid Control Passaloecus Nest provides enough space for 500 eggs that equals out to the possibility of 12,000 irritating aphids. The best place for the Aphid Control Passaloecus Nest is to hang it on a post or a wall near your garden. It works better when it is facing east, in a sunny location. Also, the closer it is to plants that are susceptible to aphid attacks, the more likely the Passaloecus Wasp will choose the block to nest. Hang the Aphid Control Passaloecus Nest when 75 degrees is the high. When the winter season pops up, place the nest in a non-freezing, dry, and cool location. Hang the Passaloecus Nest up when the weather returns to 75 degrees, and the procedure will repeat itself. The Aphid Control Passaloecus Nest is made out of dense, hard reclaimed fir. It measures 2 1/8” x 1 11/16” x 6 7/8”, and has 64 predrilled holes measuring out to about 3/16”. This convenient shape, with the hanging wire on the back, gives you the capability to hang this product almost anywhere you choose!

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