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Natural Hemp Sprout Growing Bag

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Sprout bags are the simplest, most reliable way to grow fresh herbs and grains. Reusable Hemp bags regulate temperature and humidity while preventing mold and root damage.

These natural bags make great living decorations. Hang them from hooks, place them on windowsills, or fill drainage racks near the sink with bags of pleasant smelling plants. Not only do they add life to the room, but growing plants also filter out pollutants and enhance indoor air quality.

These bags are made from 100% natural hemp and flax fibers. These organic fibers are long lasting and durable, plus they hold and release water at a steady rate. Hemp and linen deliver a constant level of moisture right to the roots through osmosis, providing results similar to drip irrigation without any extra work. To water these growbags, all you need to do is dip the bag in water and hang it back up.

Sprout bags grow many different kinds of seed, and they're the best option for growing grains and beans. These bags help young plants thrive, including wheatgrass, mung, lentil, alfalfa, garbanzo, clover, adzuki, barley, rye, kamut, wheat, peanut, quinoa, cress, arugula, fenugreek, flax, and more. Fresh sprouts work well in a variety of foods, including salads, homemade bread, sushi, stir fry, wraps, pizza, shakes, sandwiches, and anything else you can dream up in the kitchen. If you prefer local, organically grown food, it's hard to beat a garden on the cabinet over your stove!

Why use grow bags instead of jars or pots?

Bags are superior to jars because they encourage proper aeration, prevent root rot, and don't chip or crack. Bags will stretch and mold to match the shape of roots, while jars and pots are immobile and constrain root growth. Jars are particularly susceptible to mold and mildew due to poor drainage.

Bags expand and contract as plants grow or as water evaporates. This prevents the roots from getting loose and protects against injury. These grow bags are easy to travel with - take them in the car, hang them in the RV, bring them out on the boat, or put them in the tent for a fresh snack wherever you are!

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