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Earthmaker Triple Chamber Aerobic Compost Bin

Price: $229.99
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With its separate aerating sections, this triple chamber compost bin quickly turns kitchen scraps and yard waste into usable compost.

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Perfect for gardeners who garden year round or for larger families, this compost maker can produce up to 10 or more gallons of compost each month with its continuous cycling of material.

How it works: First, empty kitchen scraps or your yard waste into the top chamber. Once this material has been in the topmost bin for at least a few days, it is ready to go to the second chamber and new material can be added to the top chamber of the Earthmaker again.

To get the digesting material to the second chamber, simply pull out the shelf and the scraps fall into the middle chamber to be aerated and continue breaking down into organic matter. At this time you can add more material to the top bin.

The process continues to the third and final chamber where the material matures into usable, rich compost.

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With the Earthmaker compost bin, you can have matter in every stage of the process turning into compost, which creates a continuous supply as long as you keep adding new material.

This compost bin can produce 35 liters or 10 gallons of compost every month and holds up to 124 gallons or 16.5 cubic feet of matter.

Keeping fresh waste and maturing compost separate allows the compost to mature quicker and provides a natural aerating process.

A large door at the bottom and a secure, swiveling door at the top make adding and retrieving your compost an easy process and also harder for animals to get in the bin.

Included in the box:
  • One compost bin, which arrives flat and easily clicks together securely
  • Assembly instructions and user manual
  • One compost turning tool from the manufacturer

  • Triple chamber compost bin specifications:
  • Measures 47 inches (1200 mm) tall x 30 inches (750 mm) in diameter
  • Holds 124 gallons (16.5 cubic feet)
  • Produces up to 10 gallons (35 liters) a month
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