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We get a lot of email asking for gardening tips, so we have done a lot of research and learned a lot over the years.

Scroll down, and you'll find plenty of gardening tips that might help you with your garden and lawn care.

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Here's a list of plants to keep kittens and puppies away from. There are some surprising toxic plants!
It's possible to turn all sorts of kitchen scraps into fertile soil, but here are a few things to consider when composting protein rich materials
Here are a few quick tips for using a vermicomposting bin. Worms are low-maintenance, but a little bit of preparation will get the best results
The winter months are no time to slouch. Working throughout the year will get amazing results in any garden!
Plants love to spread out in every direction, but you can train them to take advantage of space even better with trellises, stakes, and other support structures.
Urban gardens can be extremely productive and relaxing. Even if you have a small balcony or just a little counter space, here's how to green up your space.
Most homeowners use trees for decoration, but they can also provide shade, erosion control, and wildlife habitat. Here are some placement and care tips that will help get the most from your trees.
The best way to get chemical free tomatoes is to grow your own.
Corn is a staple crop of America. Whether you plant a few kernels or grow a whole field, these organic tips can help you get the highest yield.
Looking for a good fall and winter crop? Squash have high germination rates, require very little upkeep, and grow like crazy!
How to get the best results and the healthiest plants with raised bed planters.
Whether you want mini-pumpkins or pumpkins big enough for Cinderella's carriage, here are some simple tips to get the best results from your pumpkin patch.
Tips, tricks, and hard-earned lessons about how to grow vibrant roses.
Every yard is part of a larger ecosystem. This guide discusses ways to improve the natural balance and productivity of the urban landscape.
Here are some earth-friendly alternatives to chemical pesticides
Everything you need to know about growing and storing onions, but were afraid to ask
9 things to consider for a more earth-friendly garden
5 easy steps to eliminate crazy ants without using toxic chemicals or land mines. Most of these steps can be done using common household supplies.
Do straight lines or spirals require more effort? How can I save time while mowing my yard?
Deer can devastate landscaping, but here are a few tips to keep your shrubs and small trees safe.
A discussion of how Native bees (such as the Orchard Mason Bee, Blueberry Bee, and Hornfaced Bee) can make your garden healthier and more productive.
Some basic information about electric and manual reel lawn mowers, and which features to look for.
Thinking about a manual reel mower? Here's some information about what it's like to use one.
Want to make compost the easy way? Here are some of your options.
Learn how to select the reel lawn mower that will work best for you.
A collection of our reel mower product videos on a single page, for easy viewing.
Need to buy some organic fertilizer and don't know where to start? Read this!
Learn which organic pest control products are best suited for your lawn or garden situation.
Learn what you need to know when purchasing a compost bin.
Learn why saving rainwater makes great sense for your lawn and garden and the environment.
These 12 products will help you make your yard and garden grow better, organically.
These 10 products are great things to consider if you want to grow a successful tomato garden.
Learn what NPK numbers mean on fertilizers, and learn why organics might be a good choice for your yard and garden.
You don't have to be a fanatic to go organic! Learn the basics, and you'll like what you see in your yard and garden.
Learn about how to get started with container gardening.
Check out this great list of a few of our top gardening gift ideas.
Discover the joy of growing tomato plants.
Thinking about a garden arbor? Read our helpful garden arbor buyer's guide to decide what might work best for you.
Learn about everything you need for leaf collection and yard cleanup.
Learn how to use leaves and hay for mulch.
A quick intro to creating a home garden plan.
Use an organic approach to gardening and landscaping, and your yard and garden will show big improvements.
Learn the basic steps in caring for azaleas.
Learn to grow your own mums!
Garlic isn't difficult to grow, and you can start with cloves from the supermarket.
Learn how to fight fire ants the organic way.
A list of simple things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment and save your family money.
An efficiency study for farming leads to an amazing tool for casual and professional gardeners.
The National Home Gardening Club tested the Tumbleweed composter and gave it "Member Recommended" approval.
Learn about using organic pest control products, and how they can help in the garden and in the house.
NASA did a study and found these 15 plants as the best houseplants for reducing indoor air pollution. Check it out!
By taking a few simple steps, you can organically improve any lawn.
Nationally, landscaping uses more than 30 percent of treated water in the United States. Learn how to save money on your water bill by watering more efficiently.
Learn how Solid Water can help you reduce the amount that you water.
Thinking of dipping your toes into the waters of organic lawn care? Learn how to get started with organic lawn fertilizers here.
You might be surprised at all the benefits that trees provide for you and your environment.
Gardening and yard care are unique forms of exercise that allow you to do something calming, creative and fun while you work various muscle groups and get a moderate level of cardiovascular exercise as well.
Learn about the steps that Clean Air Gardening is taking to reduce and fully offset our carbon emissions as a company.
What is composting, and why should you do it? Learn the basics!
Learn about how to improve the quality and health of your lawn and yard with these great tips.
Learn how natural Mycorrhizal Fungi can improve your plants' root systems for a healthier garden.
The self watering planter is so easy to set up and use! See how simple it is to grow plants in this awesome planter!
See how easy and fun it is to assemble Plug and Grow Upside Down Planter! We take you through the process step by step, so your planter starts out looking it's best!
Weeds can be an issue in the spring. However, you don't have to immediately run out and zap them with a bunch of chemicals. There are many organic alternatives to help make that lawn become the best lawn on the block!
The garden watersaver downspout attachment is a great tool to help guide in you rainwater collection. This page features a how-to install video.
Installing a rainbarrel doesn't have to be a painstaking task. This video shows you a rain barrel installation in just three steps.
Trying to lower the grocery bill? Here are the basics in starting a vegetable garden so you can grow your own food.
Planning on growing some tomato plants? Here are some helpful tips to help you get started.
Making any of these gardening mistakes? Check out the top seven gardening mistakes that could ruin your vegetable harvest!
5 great tips for improving soil quality in your raised gardening beds!
What do you need to know about starting seeds early? Check out this article to learn how to start seeds indoors to lengthen the gardening season.
Ready to try growing cabbage in your garden? Check out this article to learn how to grow cabbage. We've even included some cabbage growing tips!
Check out what you need to know about growing cucumbers in your garden.
Peas are a fun crop to add to any garden. Check out this article to find out how to grow a healthy crop of peas.
Strawberries are fun to grow in the garden, backyard, or even in a planter or strawberry pot. See this article for tips on growing strawberries.
If you have a little patience, try an asparagus bed. If it's done right, asparagus can produce up to fifteen years. Check out this information on how to grow asparagus.
Carrots are a great root crop for backyard gardens. Try these easy to follow instructions for growing carrots.
Hot peppers are easy to grow in a container or in a backyard garden. Try them even in a upside down planter. Check out this article on how to grow hot peppers.
Sweet peppers are a gardening favorite. See what you need to know about growing sweet peppers, including gardening tips and tricks for a great harvest.
Summer squash is easy to grow. Here's what you need to know to about growing squash. Be prepared to freeze your extra harvest.
Radishes are great to eat. But check out this growing radishes article to see how radishes are great for your garden, too.
Salad greens grow well in a container garden or backyard garden. Want to learn how? We lay out how to grow salad greens step by step in this article.
Lettuce makes sense for every garden, but it can be intimidating to grow. Find out how with these lettuce growing instructions!
Watermelon is a rewarding fruit to grow. Try it in your garden with these how to grow watermelon instructions.
Kale is a great choice for cooler climates or for cooler season gardening. See these kale growing instructions for tips on how to have an abundant kale harvest.
Potatoes are fun to grow in a container or in the backyard. Check out these easy to follow potato growing instructions. Don't forget about cool varieties of potatoes, like the blue ones!
Spinach is pretty easy to grow. Check out these gardening tips on how to grow spinach and harvest a spinach salad right from your patio.
There are several types of beans you can plant in your garden. Green beans are common, but don't forget about growing beans to dry and shell. Find out how in these bean growing instructions.
Cauliflower can be a bit tricky to grow. But, it will be well worth the challenge. Follow these how to grow cauliflower directions and find a cool spot in your backyard.
Even if you can't stand the flavor of beets, these make a great natural pigment to dye fabric, yarn, or even t-shirts as a science project for kids. Check out these easy to follow directions on how to grow beets.
Collard greens are an excellent crop for any garden, even for those new to gardening. They're easy to grow, tolerant, and can be planted for a spring or fall harvest. Try growing collard greens!
Check out our ultimate guide to raising chickens in the city. Find out what you need to know before starting your flock.