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300 Gallon Rain Collection Barrel

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Harvesting rain water in a rain barrel is an extremely beneficial way to keep your garden watered while also lowering your use of city water. This 300 gallon rain barrel means more water per rain in one, stored place.

This rain barrel also has a flat back, which allows it to fit right up against your house. This keeps weeds from growing around it in hard-to-reach places, and it also keeps the rain barrel tucked close to your house, keeping it more discreet.

Made from polyethylene plastic, it comes with all the necessary fittings you will need to put it together. Included with the rain barrel are 2 spigot locations, 1 brass spigot with a leak-proof seal, 1 plug and one polypropylene screen that fits on the top of the barrel. This mesh screen helps keep debris from your roof out of the rain barrel, and it also keeps birds and cats from accidentally falling into the rain barrel. The overflow hole at the top of the barrel helps ensure that when your rain barrel gets too full, the water is directed away from your house.

Summers are becoming increasingly dry, and with city water restrictions, rain barrels are an easy way to take something that could otherwise be wasted and turn it into something useful and free!

Choose from your choice of four different colors: black, khaki or terra cotta. This rain collection barrel is made from UV stabilized plastic.

300 Gallon Rain Barrel Features:

  • Two attachment locations
  • One brass spigot
  • Mesh screen
  • Available in your choice of four colors (black, khaki or terra cotta)
  • Measures 36.5 inches L x 44.5 inches W x 60 inches H

  • This barrel does not have a removable lid but, it is possible to connect multiple barrels together at the spigots. If you want to chain a number of these barrels together it is best to have them on a slight grade with the lowest barrel as the one with the drainage hose. Linkages can also prevent one barrel from running dry while another is overflowing.

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    300 Gallon Rain Collection Barrel

    Product Reviews

    Average rating is 5
    very big
    By:  Fluffy Lambchop
    St.petersburg FL0.3